Team Create not loading

So all of today I have been having a terrible time trying to test my game online and get in to the Team Create server I own.

Link to the place:

First it says "Requesting access and then it says nothing and takes me to the startpage in studio. If I try to join it using studio again it will say either nothing or say "Failed to load restart your application. ".

(using win 10)


I’m able to get into this place just fine on Windows 10:

Did you restart Studio?

I did.

Try disconnecting from the internet and reconnecting, or restarting your computer (accomplishes the same thing but easier)

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That works but once I close out and reopen studio you have to restart your computer again to get it to work. :confused:

Ow, that doesn’t sound fun. Maybe a studio file was corrupted? You could try reinstalling Studio and updating it (if it’s not already) and see if that fixes the issue.

okay I’ll try that.

Do you have any ideas on why I can’t play the game online either?

I can get in to any other roblox game in about 10-40 seconds. But I can sit loading my game for 5 minutes and not get on it.

There’s a small chance that your client was corrupted too (which you could fix by reinstalling that as well), but what you just described sounded like an issue I have at my college apartment. Did your internet connection or network hardware (router or on your computer) change when this issue started happening? My issue turned out to be that a USB network card I had was pretty crappy and was losing a lot of data resulting in it being redownloaded over and over, and that would bottleneck whenever I tried loading a ROBLOX game.

If your internet connection hasn’t changed any time soon, it could just be that your ISP is having issues in your area temporarily or ROBLOX is having another one of its spats due to server overload (good because there are so many players, but unfortunate that it causes issues). If the issue still persists after a couple of days, post back here and we can look into something else.

Nope my internet hasn’t changed at all. Guess I’ll just have to wait.

But to me it seems like its just that one game is having the problem.

Can you send a copy of the place file? I’ll take a look and see if it’s something in the place causing problems at least.

I can’t get in to the place. I’ll have someone else send it to you. It seems that I’m not the only one having problems.

My best guess is that if its true that if you use animation editor using team create is causes games to break.

This could possibly be related to this post: Roblox client refuses to load after the first time it runs

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