Team Create place cannot be opened after uploading a developer product

What happened?

Hello, recently my studio refuses to open in Team Create mode and I get this problem every single time (Happening since yesterday). I was uploading a handful of dev products and it was working fine until 1 product was stuck loading for more then 15 min. I refresh the page and always on the 3rd page of the dev products page it gives me a vague error.


Http Request

In studio


09:18:49.418 - Connecting to server…
09:18:58.105 - Text scraper successfully started.
Editor Themes version 1.10.
09:19:03.988 - Image “” failed to load in “StarterGui.NewMainGUI.BottomBar.Shovel.Main.MainImage.Image”: Request failed
09:19:05.473 - Error while loading entities for universe 1586247603: HTTP 500 (InternalServerError)

I assumed because it was a error code 500 roblox was down but my other games are perfectly fine.


Could you private message me your Studio logs?

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