Teleport not working

I was also watching this tutorial:
Does this tutorial have any errors?

You seem like a newbie to ROBLOX Lua, I highly recommend that you don’t go diving in straight to making complicated stuff because that will only make it even harder for you to understand how to learn ROBLOX Lua, instead

You should watch AlvinBlox’s Beginner Scripting Series here


Yep. actually, I started scripting last year.

I started scripting last year too, but I recommend that in addition to watching videos, that you should have a look at the API. This made it so much easier for me. In future, it means you’ll be able to help others and require less of your own help.

I’m actually on episode 6 of his series. I already knew the basics and now i’m on to stuff I didn’t even know existed.

It’s a good idea for you to do that, I’ve never watched a video series on how to code in Roblox Lua. I just sort of learned on my own. I digressed, but in any case, it’d be beneficial that you learn these kind of things (particularly things that you want or are going to use) so that you can start decreasing on DevForum for basic assistance and start helping other new developers.

This site is a great place for you to learn, so check it out some time.

You are missing an “end” at line 17.

In line 9, try local players = game:GetService("Players"):GetChildren()
add another end in the last line

also dont forget to add wait().