Terrain disappearing while testing it

I don’t know where to put this, but our game suddenly went really wacky. Terrain has been disappearing when testing it. Does this happen to anyone else. Any help, reasoning, or solution would help me and my friend.

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Do you got any screenshot for the terrain?

I’ll try to get a screenshot in a bit. I had one but lost it. Will reply with screenshot when I get one.

Sound’s like terrain LOD is choppy, but yeah as @AncientMercury said could you show us some screenshots?

Interesting by any chance do you happen to be having a similar problem to this?

What is a terrain LOD? Would you care to explain?

Uhm, I’ve read it, but I still don’t know what LOD is?

LOD means Level of Detail. When you go far away from the terrain its LOD is low when you go close to it it’s high.

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