TextChatService: New Chat Window Customization and Delivery APIs

We hear you, as well as the other developers who have requested this–this is something we are planning to tackle very soon


As mentioned in the earlier post for Bubble Chat integration, we are interested in pursuing a solution that allows you to customize bubbles on a per-message basis, which will allow for player/object specific bubble chat customization alongside many other use cases. We’ll let you know once we are able to get to this!


This should be fixed now! If you’re still running into any issues, please let us know.

The default Chat window needs the option for a channel selector. This is whats putting me off switching.


willl legacychatservice be accessible after the full roll-out?

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Completely agree, my game NEEDS the channel bar, I would’ve switched over long ago if they had just added the channel bar.

My game currently utilizes global and local chat, with local chat being proximity based and global chat going to every player in the current server, as well as a system messages channel. I could add a prefix like [L] to messages but it would be much more visually pleasant and convenient to have different channels for it which people could freely join or leave if they don’t want to see certain messages without having to code all this manually.


i hope we should also get on the ChatWindowConfigs something like this: AutoHide = boolean or AutoHideDuration = number so we can just edit the auto hiding feature of the chat window.

This is a fantastic update, thanks roblox!

This is an awesome addition, being able move, resize and color is just something that should have been a thing long ago.

It would be nice to be able add a background image or something to it, other then putting a image lable behind it. Ah well overall im excited to play around with this

The options to change things are there but the chat box is still the old, and nothing changes, I’m not sure what im missing, I’ll see if it needs to update or something. I’ve read over the post and the linked dev hub post

I must say, when the new chat came out, it certainly felt like we went back to the older style of Roblox UI. It is starting to grow on me, but I am not a huge fan of the dark background and curved corners; I guess I’ve just gotten used to a certain style lol.

I really appreciate this addition to make customisation of Roblox Core UI easier for us so that we can fit this in with the natural aesthetic of our experiences.

I would like to ask if it is possible to also change the transparency of the background and other elements, as well as change their curve – or completely remove it?

Secondly, are there plans to also revamp the player list UI to coincide with the default aesthetic of the new chat, and also provide customisation accordingly?

Lastly, there is a bug that I’m sure y’all are aware of which stops players from being able to send messages sometimes when they join an experience. It can last a good 2 minutes and makes communication somewhat difficult, especially when someone asks you a question and you’re unable to respond, making it seem like we’re ignoring them.

Apologies for the rant and rather tangential off-shoot of further questions.

This feature looks amazing, I’ve always been a huge proponent for customisation! Keep up the amazing work, can’t wait to see what you guys do next!



Cool update I can’t wait to use it in games later on.

I noticed this sidecar conversation and I was wondering if you could all help us out with something:

If I understand these requests, are you all looking for something like the channel tab UI from the old lua chat (pictured below)?

We are currently researching how we want to support this type of behavior and would love to investigate any existing projects that have been using this feature to make sure we understand how we need to support it in the future.

If I’ve misunderstood, feel free to correct me and show examples of your current channel bars and channel selectors in your current projects and we will use that feedback as well!


This! I would love to migrate to the new system but my game I want to use it in doesn’t use UI corners and so it feels off, as well as the transparency. Having a way to use this new chat while making it look like the old one would be amazing!

As well as this it would be amazing to see support for adding prefix’s to bubble chat messages, so for example if a user was whispering then their bubble chat message could be prefixed with “[W] message”!

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We have plans to roll out similar configuration APIs to the ChatInputBarConfiguration ideally next week in two weeks if all goes well.

Edit: This has been released! 2022-11-30T08:00:00Z

Yes. That’s exactly what I’ve been wanting.

Do you have a project or game that uses this feature right now that you could share?

i love this so much omg, might switch to it

Yes, I have a WIP game that currently uses the LegacyChatService’s Channel Bar.

I use it to put Join and Leave Messages in the System Channel, so it doesn’t flood the all channel.

Same with Team Chat. I put a Team Chat for each team in its own channel.




Ok, im just not seeing the new chat box or being to do changes like what’s shown here, im assuming its not out yet?