Texture Import Issue - .fbx from Blender to Roblox

I have purchased a model that I want to import into Roblox as an .fbx and bring in the textures with it. However when i do that as I have done before, it comes in without the textures. I am too much of a noob in Blender to know how the textures are applied and what I can do to “bake” or “whatever” the textures so they will come in when I import to Roblox

Heres an image of the model in Blender:

and here it is in Roblox after importing the .fbx



If the model you purchased didn’t come with a texture, it is possible that the model was coloured in blender itself. You would have to export the parts of the model individually and color them accordingly in studio.

Ahhh well thanks but I don’t think that’s correct. You can apply color in Blender in a few different ways such as texture paint and vertex paint, then you can export the .fbx file and it will import into Roblox with textures. You can also UV unwrap and paint in an image editor, then import the texture to Roblox and apply it tot he mesh. Any one of those methods is highly preferred to coloring mesh parts individually in Roblox.

Was hoping someone epxerienced in importing models into Roblox might have come across this. Either it is textured in a way I dont know in Blender or I have exported it improperly.

Thanks though!


Oh, my apologies. I’ve always known that blender exports meshes separate from the texture. However I don’t think studio would recognise the file that way. I’m pretty sure that studio would require a texture file separate from the mesh file because the mesh part properties have a TextureId and MeshId property. I could be wrong about this. Anyway that’s all the information I can give :slight_smile:

Respectfully, your incorrect again. An .fbx file imported into Roblox can have a texture without any image applied to its texture ID property, this is the nature of the .fbx file. It is true that an .obj file would need a texture image, but in the case of the .fbx, not so. You can also apply a new texture image onto the .fbx file and it will override the “default” texture of the .fbx. PRETTY COOL!!!

For what its worth, I would be happy to figure out how to export the texture in Blender and import that into Roblox, I just dont know how to “bake” it, as I have heard it termed.


Edit: Found information about the model on the store page, i’ll write a quick guide on how to get the textures in Roblox


You have to bake the textures in Blender to form a texture if the model didn’t already come with a texture image file. Roblox doesn’t import any mesh files with textures or colors pre-applied.

To bake textures, watch this guide: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Tj-S5QAac3U

I watched this one to learn as well.


Actually, .fbx files include a texture when importing, I have done this.many times in Roblox. I have done vertex painted meshes in Blender then export as .fbx and upload to Roblox and the vertex paint textures are intact inside Roblox without anything in the texture ID field.

Marked your post as solution tho because the texture did need to be baked and I created a Uv mapped texture I’m Blender like that.


Sweet. I am glad I could help in the slightest. I learned something new from this post too!

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I’m a bit late on the reply but i would still like to show you how to do it. For this guide i’ve designed a replica model and will go through the steps on how to import it into Studio with texture.

The store page mentions that all house models are textured with a 128x128 color scheme. Usually this is a series of flat colored pixels. I myself will be using a baked texture, but this should not affect the following steps.

Step 1: Ensure that your engine is set to Blender Render (Cycles and Eevee currently do not support this process). Make sure that the color scheme texture file is present in Blender. You can check this in the UV/Image Editor.

Step 2: Remove all materials present on the model and create a new material.

Step 3: Head over to the Texture tab, go to the Material Texture category and select your image texture.

Step 4: Export the .fbx like you normally would.

Step 5: Congratulations, you finished the guide! :+1:



Wow you went over the top on that! Did you really create that model just for this tutorial? And if that is the case, do you feel like doing some more as a commission project?

Since questions about Blender and meshparts are scarce, i usually have a bit more time to answer and try to make it visually understandable.

I’m currently not looking to work for any more projects, but thanks for the offer!


Is this method still working? I got confused on step two where I had to choose Texture Name, I didn’t see it.

I’m having this exact issue and i’m using blender, but when I bake my texture the sword goes all out of wack that i’m making. The texture bugs out and now theres random lines of black and red in places it shouldn’t be