Textured or Untextured?

Hey, so I’ve been working on a terrain focused game, in which I need help with some simple opinions;

  • Textured or untextured?
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Textured definitely looks more detailed and tree like. Untextured looks more original, but it doesn’t look like a tree too much compared to the textured version.

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The problem with untextured is how unrealistic it looks. Since the blocks are delicately transparent all the clipping blocks are visible.

It’s clear it’s synthetic (untextured), I recommend making it look more tree-like in terms of the block-shape/structure as well.

Reference material (untextured)

Reference: Wedge/Cone-Shaped Trees

Source: Ellzd

Reference: Blok-Shaped Trees

Source: FaVmIkE

Reference: Round-Shaped Trees

Source: TrustMeImRussian


Textured, where you can see it, untextured where you can’t.

Untextured looks a bit odd to the map but the textured one fits very well.

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Textured looks much better. The untextured doesn’t look natural, even for Roblox in my opinion

Textured looks waaaay better. I’m assuming the rest of the place has that similar level of detail so might as well be persistent.

Textured looks really good, it has more details on it to look more realistic and untextured. Is a more of a unrealistic look but i would suggest, making it look more of a block shape like most trees have untextured on it.

I like the textured tree. It looks more realistic.