Textures rendering backwards all of a sudden

The textures I use for dashed road lines seem to be rendering backwards all of sudden. In this particular case, it’s screwing with the offset and ruining the effect that the textures used to have. I haven’t made any changes to this game in a couple weeks yet all of a sudden all the road lines aren’t lined up anymore.

You can see here that on the right side, there’s a lot of gaps and the white part of the stripe comes before the back part. On the left side you can see a lot of parts where the textures are over lapping each other. This wasn’t the case beforehand.

I’ve also noticed here that the black and white dashed lines are backwards too.

Here’s the texture that’s not working correctly now.

It shows up this way in Studio too.

Why are textures suddenly not working as they used to?

While I’m not 100% sure this is your problem I do know that textures and decals have some interesting differences and I suspect that something was updated to remove some of those differences. The main one that comes to mind is that if you had your texture (not decal) on a certain side it would actually mirror your image for some reason. It could be completely unrelated but I wonder if they fixed that.

Here is a post I wrote that covers some of the things I found.


Well if that’s the case, some kind of heads up would’ve been greatly appreciated, as I now have to scramble to go and fix all the textures in all three of my games.

You might want to double check but if you’re using textures and not decals then I suspect it does have something to do with that.

Side note: if you have your workspace organized well you should be able to use a script to easily change a lot of stuff at once.

Oh definitely, I just swapped all the textures in the command bar. I’m just going to have to go through and reupload the remain stripe textures reversed so I don’t have to reposition everything.

Looks like textures have indeed flipped. I had some tiling textures which I used a mirrored version of the texture to match up color patterns between 2 parts. Now the color pattern is incorrect where those parts meet. I also had some screenshots of some of my textures before and can see the details are flipped.

Although if they’re consistent with decals now then I can live with this.