The 30 Character problem

I understand why you need 30 characters to respond but I feel like its annoying when you want to type “thanks!” or “Looks amazing!” ect.

I’m pretty sure it’s 30. 30charr

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If you had to add “30charr” to your post then it is 30.

The like button exists.


oh yeah I forgot about that :confused:

If you want to type ‘Thanks!’ or something short then that isn’t really allowed. Using 30chars could be counted as spam.
The like button exists and you should use it instead.

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Just put [spoiler][/spoiler] at the end of your message. If your saying “Ah ok.” then you would/might have to put [spoiler][/spoiler] 2 or 3 times. It turns into invisible text and it isn’t selectable :slight_smile:

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No, don’t do that. Using tricks like empty spoilers is a deliberate bypass and is still spam and therefore should still be flagged. There is no reason to reply “Thanks” or “Cool” when the like button does just that.


but if its not “thanks” or “cool” then what??? becuase if i said “You might want to add rocks” thats not 30

That is legitimate feedback. Simply saying “you might want to add rocks” may not be enough. Maybe if you specify where these rocks should be added it would help expand the post.