The Big Bubble Chat Rework

First off, my compliments on your avatar – I love it.

Are there any performance implications for spamming chat messages since this uses UICorner? Those are still a bit slow at scale.


Doesn’t appear to be working for some reason in-game on a new private server I just joined :frowning_face:

Also as a customization request, could we have an option to have a per-base color style for each individual bubble chat. (E.g: If we wanted to each player’s bubble chat have their own background or text color like their in-window chat text color.)


So does this mean that TextSize will determine the BubbleSize? Great!

I am really liking the rework so far, but I’ve noticed a few relatively big problems…

When changing your camera angle to your character from above, your chat bubble appears like so…

There is also this issue that has come up where the bubble will bury into the ground when the top of the head faces like this…


It kinda feels weird but I think it’s alright :thinking: :grinning:


When using R6, the bubble chat is offset unnecessarily high above the player’s head. I’d also like it to be bound the Head using a different method, since, in my game, the player’s head moves around according to the camera’s direction. This causes chat bubbles to move weirdly:

(I believe this issue only affects R6)

Compare to old chat:

I think the problem is that the new chat is positioned above the head relative to the head itself, while the old chat is positioned above the head in world space (or something along those lines!)


One thing I want to know is:
Is there a way to color the chat bubbles per player? Rather than having everyone’s chat bubbles colored the same no matter what?

Here’s an example of what I mean, as seen in Databrawl Roleplay.



Our reasoning behind this is that we wanted to put this feature into your hands earlier. Think of this as a kind of open beta. Some users might not have access to it, but while waiting to reach 100% adoption, you as a developer will be able to try it out and experiment with it. We will make sure to remove pcalls from the official code examples when they are not needed anymore.


This is an entirely different system from the old bubble chat, so yes, it should not have the bugs that the old one had. Please do let us know if you notice any issue though

Does this mean you fixed the old chat too since there will be an option to have either? Or is it just the new chat that doesn’t have this bug?


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It would be better to make it pop up faster because I have tried it and it’s kinda slow but everything is perfect

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Same! This new chat is way too cartoony for serious types of games. It fits with some of the more cartoony style games but the old chat was a good middle ground that fit with everything. And yah if the old chat gets removed I will also end up forking it but I rather not have the need for that work to be done nor do I even know how to. I hope the old chat is not removed.


I’m assuming they made it this way to prevent the bubble from bouncing with the characters head and making it unable to be read, although I do agree it shouldn’t just be attatched to the HRP.


Everything looks great except for that gross cartoony slide in animation. There needs to be a way to disable that.

Looks great! I like it. However, does this cost any lag at all?


^ From this post here: BubbleChat's Epic Makeover


Due to this, changing the chat for certain players is not possible with the new system. In order to change the color of the bubble chat for specific players, you would need to be able to fork the chat scripts. Obviously, this is not available anymore.


With the old chat system, this was possible through forking the chat scripts. If we wanted to make specific changes, for example gamepass-activated chat bubble color, that wouldn’t be something we can do, correct?


Just keeping it here, hopefully this will help others.


Love the bubble chat feature but I have a PC user that isn’t getting the old or the new chat now (previously had the old chat). So I thought there was only a lag on adoption for Mobile users?

99% players seem fine.

Any thoughts?


I’m having issues with this, my place seems to be forcing both to be active.

EDIT: Removing the ‘BubbleChat’ LocalScript that I previously forked solved this issue and removed the old bubble chat.