The Forum PWA App icon is very small

I can confirm it looks fine on my iPhone 11 (iOS 16) however I don’t have an android that I can test with :sad:

The PWA I installed was using Microsoft Edge.

looks just fine on my blackberry

For all of you not getting this on iPhone I believe it only happens on Android, not known if newer or older versions. Mine is Android 9 Pie.

I’m glad this isn’t just me. It seems to shrink every day. I’m slowly being reduced to a single blue pixel


This seems like a bug with either the latest version(s) or Chrome or Android 13. I should note it’s not the only PWA I have installed whose icon is shrinking

The icon is shrinking on the splash screen too.


From what I’ve seen, this looks to be limited to Chrome, my PWA icons did go a bit weird earlier, I think it’s a launcher issue though:

Haven’t noticed icons for any Discourse PWA shrink either. I might try Kiwi Browser to see what happens with it

Doesn’t seem to be an issue to me, guess it occurs to newer version of Android.

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It shrinks by about a pixel each day for me aaa



For whatever reason, uninstalling and reinstalling the PWA seems to have fixed it for me (as far as I’ve noticed anyway)

Icon still shrinks, but the DevForum is not unbearably slow to launch and browse anymore

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Chiming in here!

Discourse’s has been chiming on on the related bug report on their own forums and has said that

Google acked this bug, fix incoming.

We’ll keep monitoring so that we can apply the fix on the DevForum once its ready.


Interestingly enough, this bug has expanded to me as an Edge user (was going to happen eventually since Edge runs on Chromium), but it’s happened to some non Discourse PWAs as well (use Outlook as an example as the size that icons should be)

Edit: This issue seems to have expanded to all my non-Discourse and Discourse PWAs now

I have the same issue on my Google Pixel 6 Pro. I’m using the stock launcher.

DevFourm is now a mere blue dot.

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Google chrome issue on Android.

This should be fixed, maybe after an upgrade.

Note what he said though, reinstall the PwA and it’s going to fix.