The Island Maze🏝 Feedback needed!

Welp. I’m just looking for some feedback on this game! I’ll be helping the creator and be making a part 2.

The maze walls are colliding. I could view 80% of the maze by zooming out at a certain angle. There are a lot of free models and I could not even get anywhere because of the thugs, they’re everywhere and the small ones are impossible to kill. Make this a maze with easter eggs or make it like identity fraud.

I’m not sure why you’d ask for feedback on a game that isnt yours and to make a pt. 2 to a game that isnt popular, has a 3:2 ratio in likes and not even 100 visits…


There are a lot of things that need to be fixed, among them…

1.) There is no user experience to drive players to keep playing at all.

  • Include some background music.
  • Add sound effects.
  • Add unique decoration to the maze.

2.) The camera can be manipulated to bypass “point” doors and to navigate the maze.

  • Lower the invisible ceiling.
  • Restrict camera zoom.

3.) This post is in violation of Rule 12.

  • Consider asking the creator to make the post themselves.

4.) The entire place seems unorganized.

  • A heap of toolbox models from the plants to thugs are all free, and while not viruses, damage your reputation and bore the player with the repetition of them.
  • There are around 16.000 instances when the majority of the game appears to just be repeating parts, try and lower that number considering the simplicity.
  • No spawn protection mechanism is in place to stop “thugs” from attacking joining players.

Thank you for your feedback! :slight_smile:

The part 2 is gonna be better then part 1. Like ima fix da bugs. And Zakk981, the Co-Owner is my acc. I’m just asking for some feedback to improve it!

Just to be clear mini-modding is uncool not only the owner of the game can make posts about the game, people are allowed to post about any games they want.

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I guess you are right about that one!