The new Roblox 64-bit Byfron client forbids Wine users from using it. (Most likely unintentional)

Please do correct me if I’m mistaken, however, isn’t the AT used w/ RobloxPlayerBeta.dll internally named “Krampus”…? IIRC this isn’t exactly Hyperion..


My brainchild :slight_smile: A little easter egg for all the reverse engineers out there.


Since the acquisition of Byfron, we have made significant changes to Hyperion and continue to work on improving its compatibility and protection.

To summarize:

  1. At this point in time, Hyperion is not compatible with Wine.
  2. We have disabled Wine to avoid unnecessary clutter in our Telemetry.
  3. Even if we could find a way to disable Telemetry for Wine only, the client would still not run, so it doesn’t make sense to do so.

You, my sir, are very sneaky indeed…


Thank you for the answer, my concerns aren’t the telemetry, more so overall support. I assumed the block would more than likely be temporary.

I hope changes and improvements are made to support Wine once again, especially if Linux support isn’t a goal at the company for the long term. Even if it isn’t you guys working to support it, I hope transparency from Roblox can help the OSS community work on support independently (like what currently got it to work since the 2015 changes that broke Wine).

I know it may be repetitive, but again I do thank you for answering questions.


I know this goes off topic a little bit, but I think I got this 64-bit client today (Platform under Task Manager shows ‘64 bit’)


I don’t really know much about it, or how you get it, but it must’ve installed itself automatically, but this appears to may have broken the unofficial FPS unlocker - that or I’m stupid and I messed something up. All I know is this is ‘32 bit’ for my friend, he has the unlocker, and it works fine.

Is there any temporary solution I can use to fix this (like reverting it back to 32 bit), or is there nothing that can really be done?

If you don’t know that’s fine, I’m just really confused on how this is being rolled out.


Please do not take my words as confirmation of anything. However, I can say that we have many dedicated individuals at Roblox who volunteer their personal time to improve Linux support and more.
Also, keep the questions coming. I will answer if I can.


In the 64-bit client, Fortunately you don’t need external programs anymore as Roblox’s FPS can be unlocked through FFlag called DFIntTaskSchedulerTargetFps. Set it at 70 at higher to unlock it.


The FPS unlocker is not compatible with our Windows 64-bit client. Your friends still have the 32-bit client because the new client has only been rolled out to 25% of the player base. You are one of the lucky ones who got the new client. The new Windows 64-bit client should perform better than the old one, though.


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I definitely do understand that, I was trying to avoid language that could be overly confirming cause of this.

Also that is great to hear that internally at the company there is effort being made (even if it is small, I appreciate any and all effort)

Some things that come to mind is:

  • Does Hyperion support Linux natively, outside of Wine?
  • Might be challenging to answer, but besides lack of market share, is there anything specific to the Roblox engine blocking Linux support that would require engineer hours to resolve?

One thing that concerns me and is not so much a question but more so a concern of mine (feedback, too), if/when this becomes kernel level, if possible, please be completely open as to what data and telemetry is collected, and how it works (with relation to how it runs/lifecycle). Having that level of access to a system makes it extremely easy for collection of data and bypasses all protections afforded by the system, such as permissions. Exploit-ability also is a great concern, depending on how this is separate from the client or if it is tightly integrated. Due to the nature of Roblox, this would require a great level of trust when joining experiences & attack surface is exponentially increased.

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I cannot provide much information on this topic. However, I can tell you that the reverse engineering community is aware of every channel and channel change, and this information is publicly available.


Hyperion does not natively support Linux


Maintenance and QA is a significant cost factor


Bitdancer, I really do want to thank you a lot for taking out what appears to be your personal time to answer our questions. All the information has been super helpful, and as a 15 year veteran of the Roblox platform I highly appreciate this level of transparency which I haven’t seen since the Roblox website would publicly state it was still a “Beta” in the footnotes.


rbxfpsunlocker developer here: At first glance it appears the new client has a couple security measures that make RFU inherently incompatible. Nevertheless, I’ll be looking into adding some form of support in the coming weeks, either via the DFIntTaskSchedulerTargetFps flag or, if I’m lucky, a new technique that doesn’t upset Hyperion.

I’ll be releasing an update in a bit that ignores the new client completely as it appears to cause Hyperion to crash the game.

EDIT: Scratch that, looks like an update released yesterday disabled the detection causing the crash. I wonder to what extent RFU was clogging their telemetry :stuck_out_tongue: .


Thank you for your kind words. I understand that the bug forum can be challenging, but please know that the people here at Roblox share the same passion for the platform as all of you out there.


I apologize for rehashing an older discussion in this thread, but is it possible that the block on VMs (and Wine) may be removed in the future? I know you cannot speak for the company, but a simple yes or no on the possibility would be helpful to figure out where to go from here. There’s a wide variety of reasons to run a VM, and it would be a shame to permanently block them in pursuit of clean telemetry.

Also, I’m guessing I know the answer to this question but would it be possible to just outright disable the sending of that telemetry with a FFlag? I’m anticipating the answer to be ‘no’, either for technical or “we don’t want to do that” reasons, but it’s worth asking just in case. I don’t like sending data automatically regardless of the reason or intention, so a toggle would be appreciated.


Then what about laptop users? Especially those with only one dedicated (or integrated) graphics

This is a very nuanced discussion. There was never a hard Yes or No on either of those two technologies. It is much more of an ongoing discussion, where we try to balance the desires of the community vs. protecting Roblox creators. It’s important to keep in mind that cheating doesn’t just hurt other players, but it can also greatly harm experience creators.