The Script Editor

I’d say that at this point it would be safe to consider Luau almost a new language, correct?

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IntelliSense for objects in Workspace. That was the first thing that popped into my head. I’m sure there are many other things I could think of.

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I genuinely do not really understand this Update is it an update that makes the game smoother or is it a topic that is saying the game is too laggy with some scripts always running so Roblox will find a way to fix it I read it over and over 4 times.

Neither. It is about the piece of software Roblox provides you to write your scripts! Since the new script runtime arrived (what we call the Luau VM), there were features that were implemented but did not arrive to the script editor.

For regular players (i.e. non-developers), there should be absolutely no difference whatsoever.


Hey Roblox Staff!

Could you tell us what are the changes to the Script Editor? Thanks.


I would also like to know this. I’m not sure if they want to keep the changes secret until release to surprise us or the changes are small enough that it doesn’t really matter that much.

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I can’t wait to be able to use this to-be feature! As a still learning scripter, I would love to understand syntax better! :open_book:

yes, no more game:GetChildren() instead of game:GetService()

im very excited for this. I spend most of my worktime inside a script and boy do i use its features all the time instead of typing haha


I can’t wait for the new script editor to start telling me what I’m doing wrong and make me feel bad about myself.

On a serious note, you guys are doing great. The script editor was previously giving me issues with prediction and indexing userdata, so I’m definitely looking forward to the forecoming updates. Cheers!


About time the problems with code folding got fixed. I hope you guys also make it so your code folds get remembered even if you close and reopen the script, or even if you close and reopen the place (this one’s a little bit of a stretch but one can hope…)


This is a bug; we’re fixing it.


Will we see better auto completion for functions in connections?

Events on objects that the editor know the type of works well.
Otherwise, it autocompletes the function with a call ()

Final result:


This has been one of the most annoying things about the script editor for me.


I suggest adding the ability to disable syntax checker, because really really long scripts that are 20k+ lines long would lag a lot every time you type a character.


It will be great to add some button to format code, so when I add if around 40 lines, I musnt manually add 40 tabs.

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I think in this case it would be considered a Lua dialect.

Hey really glad to hear that theres gonna be changes to the script editor! Could we please have something to snap script editor windows? Currently its impossible to make use of dual monitors because putting script windows on the other monitor just make them floating and you can switch between the 2 scripts.

As you can see in the gif, switching between scripts is painful…

This is one of the reasons I prefer a external code editor.

If scripts on other windows could simply have this bar I think things would be a lot easier image


I have two monitors too that I can’t fully utilize and a feature like this would be an absolute god-send.


If only this was added before the horrible script flagging system then we would of been on an amazing streak of good stuff.


My scripts seem to always open at the bottom now. To be fair though, I don’t remember if it always happened because for the past several months I’ve only worked on one project and I’ve kept all the scripts I need open. It does feels wrong, though.


Carry on with the good work Roblox! You’re making a lot of the developers happy with the recent improvements from the past year or so with studio! Keep bringing the new updates, I can’t get enough of them!