The surface and Surface input are missing from my parts?

I cant find them in my parts.

but its in the baseplate part…

what is going on im so confused


where is the arrow?

What type of object is it? Trusses don’t have those properties. Sorry regard my other post.

If all surfaces are smooth, the surface input tab is hidden.

its just a regular old gray part

how do you get the tabs it back?

Theres a surface tab at top under model. Select the surface then click a surface

If you are using motors or hinges or anything i really reccomend you use constraints.

im just trying to figure out wich side is the front of the part

Its not a bug, roblox made it so if all surfaces are smooth the tab is hidden.

so how do you get the tabs back?

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tl;dr they are gone


shoot, is there another way to figure out which side of the part is the front?

Yeah use the gizmo at the top right corner


that only controls the camera’s side not the part’s sides

Oh really

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actually he’s right…

also adding to this, the surface properties doesn’t exist in properties windows unless at least one of them are not smooth

btw i removed a video from this post referring to the View Selector showing that it’s only based on the camera and not the part.

I recommend studio tweaks. You should be building forwards anyways.

Sure I just took a quick look and it seems to be great for find top bottom etc surfaces.