The Surfaces Property no longer exists!

The Property of Surfaces is now non-existant. How can I put a hinge on my front face now!

I’ve been having the same problem, I need this for a tutorial but I can seem to find it anywhere, glad its not just me.

It’s being deprecated, you can still use scripts or the command bar to put a motor on the front face.

It only appears when one or more of the faces of a part is not smooth. There’s always the surface tab in Model > Parts and it’ll be next to color. I think hinges are in Model > Constraints and then this button:
Screen Shot 2020-08-20 at 09.04.55
(Top left)

Also there’s another topic about the Surfaces Section being invisible:

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You could use the surfaces tab at top of model tab!image

I also got confused at one point, its now located at the top bar in MODEL.

I really don’t recommend using the surface property for new projects. They’ll be removed in the future. Use hinge constraints.

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It seems this is just a bug, Today I opened roblox studio again, and the surfaces property was back to normal!

This may have just been a bug or a little issue on roblox’s end, where it was accidentally removed!
However, everyone’s studio should have it back now!