The ToolBox is full of bad models

If you’re good at scripting (or a software engineer like I am) I just dump the scripts in the models and write my own. You will learn a lot and you will know exactly how it works and there won’t be any surprises. Once in awhile, I find things in the toolbox that are sub-par or is broken. I have occasionally come across models contains malicious scripts as well. Like I said, I dump the scripts and write my own so it doesn’t affect me. But for those I also report to Roblox so they can take action against the account that posted it.

Yeah, the search tool does need work. I think the search is not searching just the names of the models, but possibly the names of the parts inside the models as well as the descriptions, which is why you’re probably getting a number of irrelevant results.

Periodically, I get an error in the toolbox code indicating some problem. I’m going to file a bug report on it next time it happens.

Decaying Silo is a Crazy Map in Flood Escape 2 created by Crazyblox.

It seems to be an exact copy.

a map from flood escape 2, it’s stolen