The touched event fire before hitting anything

i have also tried using network ownership but…

now the kunai go threw to wall and stop a bit too late :confused:

You should handle the physics on the client side and use remotes to notify the server, which will notify the other clients to simulate the kunai throwing. You could also simulate it on the server for collision detection by parenting a dummy kunai to workspace.CurrentCamera which will keep it from replicating.

can you give me an example of the script? like what should I notify the server to do

Don’t use .Touched, it sucks.
Instead, use :GetTouchingParts() every frame. [If it is CanCollide off click here]

A better probable solution is to raycast and set the position of the object to the first hit object it faces at. However, you’ll have to remember that the object may phase through the wall if touched too late. :frowning:

i figure it out once the touched event is fire just anchored the hitbox and set its position to the position it need to stop