The UI must be on same position on every computer or phone

I was doing Team Selector UI but it is on another position on some devices (some screens are bigger or smaller). Some people will have this team selector on half of the screen. Does anyone know how to fix that?

Position properties on any UI is as follow = {0,0,0,0}

in order :

  • Scale X
  • Offset X
  • Scale Y
  • Offset Y

If you’re doing the resize or position thru the UI tool in screen, the default is using Offset, which are pixels, the issue is that offset is precise in the pixels they take, so switching resolution or device will take the exact same informations as you placed them on your own screen,

However, you can solve it from using Scales, which are known to be Percentages of the resolution (or parent instance)

You can try it out from inserting a frame and set X Scale to 0.5 (= fill 50% the screen) and stretch out your display horizontally.


You can use a plugin to do what grzego said and convert your UI position and size to scale making them fit on all devices, read about it here - [Plugin] AutoScale Lite for GUIs - Scale your UI