There should be a wishlist/shopping cart for items on the catalog

As a Roblox user, I would like to buy multiple items in one go rather than; going item by item. I would also like a wishlist because I might forget about the item or show other players how much I want this item.

Shopping Cart

A shopping cart would be useful for players because rather than going through buying clothes and hats individually, there would be a shopping cart where you can add your items into. When a user shops, they would be able to have multiple items in one place and the ability to buy them all in one go. This would also help users that buy items they thought they wanted but don’t want anymore. By looking through the shopping cart they would be able to look through their items and remove items they do not want. Ideally, there would still be a “buy now” button like there is now.


A wishlist would be useful because I could show my friends and other users what items I want. I also may see an item I want and forget about it later. Furthermore, in the world of trading this could benefit users because then other users can see what they have in their wishlist. They would be able to easily trade the items if the other user has that item.


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