Third Person Gun Help


I would like to make a game based on a third-person gun, But there are skills I need to know before I can make one, The problems for me are:

  1. Over-should camera lock
  2. Interactive Mouse Icon
  3. Visual Effects

I find an example on this video: I Helped My FRIEND Make a Roblox Game.. (He Made 1,000,000 ROBUX) - YouTube

I know these things can be harder to be done, But the things I’ve already tried to search these things but no information about it is not here.

Thanks for anyone responding.

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I can help you on 2, there is a property of the mouse called “Icon”. If were talking about crosshairs however then I suggest UI.

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Mhm. How about the camera lock?

A hacky way to do this is messing with the CameraOffset property of the Humanoid, changing the CameraType of StarterPlayer to LockFirstPerson, and using LocalTransparencyHandler to handle what objects the player can see.

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Alright I kinda figured out how I can do the animated crosshair

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I’m not to big in cameras but you could possibly use camera offset.

for really good projectile registration I would suggest the module FastCast

For bullet tracers i would suggest using beams like how the roblox 3rd person gun kit does it.

For bullet holes just a decal with a hole put with normals

For muzzle flash use a particle system with super tiny lifespan to make it look like a flash

For hit particles i would suggest getting like a smoky texture then use code to color it to what got hit