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There a spot for builder let me add that and

just want to say, you are saying that you are making a game called Big Game!, but isn’t it snow shoveling simulator 2

I just fix it thx for tilling me that Twichman123

You wrote, “20k to 10k”, i’m confused if that’s a mistake but your going from high to low?

Yes we are but if there work on the game for a long time there get more roblux are US money

if you make Snow Shoveling Simulator 2, im sure you have to have permission from the original creators, because this is not your game to make a sequel to

Yes I ready talk to the Owner about this and i give him 50% and going to make a tp for it to go to the Original one


Contacted! I’m Jackie#7121 (30 chars)

okay, I’m interested in the scripting job, I’ve been programming for 5 years but started Lua about 3 years ago.

I’m willing to face whatever you throw at me, and if i can’t a bit of research can fill the gaps and i can try and get it done :slight_smile:

Ok please contact me Skittles#5202

I put you and when i get more 2 more people

okay, thanks man, i can start tommorow i think, if you like :slight_smile:

Added you on discord: warnickur#0788

i have sent you a friend request on discord

So you are splitting the rest 50% between 5 people? Be more percise with the % payment for different positions.
Also, what is your job in this dev team?

I be helping with the building and cars and tools and game icon

wow Squa_dev but what kind of game he mermaid

i’m without my computer and don’t even give for to create my own simulators

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