This shoulder accessory appears as a Hat in-game

This item:

Not really a bug but i thought it could use a fix, i guess they accidentally skipped this one.


Saw this hat in my bookmarks and remembered I meant to report it as a bug upon being given my membership in dev forum.

This is still a hat. If I recall correctly, all hats were supposed to be turned into accessories already.

In case this is an issue of no one having time to get around to it, I’ve decided to provide an accessory version.

To make sure I didn’t miss anything, here’s what I considered when making it:

  • Accessory’s attachment named NeckAttachment. This felt most appropriate since on the Roblox wesbite, this accessory is considered a shoulder accessory. Since it covers both shoulders, I chose the neck as a center point
  • AttachmentPoint property of the accessory set to match that of the hat
  • Thumbnail identical to the accessory’s current thumbnail