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I will apply. Discord Name : Mr_Gamerious#4288

Alright, you can contact me from discord!

umm I need your discord tag
like I have beside my name Mr_Gamerious#4288

Oh sorry I forgot to add. (30)

Alright you can either add me on discord or give your proper id

I am interested in UI Designer. I have sent you a friend request on Discord.

WE HAVE THE NAMe islandside cafe!

So how can I help you? (30 Characters)

I suck at coding but am Pretty good at building so trade skills?

and a ui! TALK TO ME LATZ! 30 chars

Currently made a cafe, but no one want’s it, see if you are interested!

CAFE - [FEEDBACK] My practice of a cafe - #3 by Vertivexs

I’m instrested to hire you! my discord: Kuzey_Dev#2215

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