Thoughts on drop shadow on GUI

Recently people have been saying my GUIs need a little reworking. So i thought i will add a drop shadow for some of the GUIs to give them more depth. What do you guys think?

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The drop shadow looks terrible. Either change the opacity or remove it and think about something else. Although, before that, I suggest you also add some space between the buttons and the UI border.


Do so that the shadow appears on mouse enter and when the mouse leaves it would go back into default form that would make it look cool.

Edit : And yeah, I need to agree with Krunnie it looks little bit bad.

Instead of you positioning them why not to use things that Roblox made


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yea i understand i will keep the normal GUI without any of the drop shadows. Which UI are you talking about that needs spaces?

This one (in different Resolutions like 720p and 1080p it looks different )

This one

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I am not a very good scripter so i don’t really now how to do that.

I’m talking about the drop shadows on the one with the cars.

Edit: Can someone explain how is this spam?

No offense, but the drop shadow looks horrible, and so does the GUI.

yea the gui looks that way because when i made my old script for the gui switching i made it so that the gui behind this one(which is the normal jeep gui) the hover jeep gui( this one) would cover it up.

this is the mp4 file of me showing the gui cover up thing. im very new to the dev forum, but when i upload a mp4 file it transfers into a download link.

For the GUI, don’t make it bigger than it needs to be (that empty part at the bottom) unless you’re going to use it later on. Also, you should probably add A LOT more colour to your gui to make it look appealing and less bland. As for the drop shadow, they seem to engulf the gui and “take over” it instead of adding depth to it. Perhaps a way to balance it out may work. However, before handling the drop shadows criticism from the posts above, you should probably begin improving your GUIs.

Here you can find some tips to improving your UIs (and you can find a plethora of other tutorials on the forum): UI Design Starter Guide

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