Thoughts on logos/thumbnails

Hi! I’ve recently been trying to work on logos/thumbnails for a server of mine in the all new ER:LC private server system. However, i’m not very good at making logos/thumbnails so I want your feedback on how to make it better. :slight_smile:


I would hire someone, but im extremely cheap. extremely


looks very basic but a good start. I could recommend a different font, maybe some better pictures, and maybe better text effects (i.e. dropshadow or stroke)


These are pretty well made barring circumstance. Some suggestions I would consider adding include implementing more ‘action’ (more than just one player in front/next to a mean looking vehicle), as well as a little bit more flair to the text above the game icon/thumbnail. Even adding a tiny bit black stroke around your text can go along way with detail.

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The text is not the best. I would try adding some effects to the GFX such as slight blurs or brightness to make the characters pop. Also would work on possible different font / text style.

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I’d have to say they look pretty decent.
The only things I’d consider changing are:

  • The fonts
  • Text color
    Other then that, I think your logos look pretty decent.
    Keep up the great work. :wink:

It’s considered a GFX, a GFX is a essentialy a picture/render changed to appear more in favor of how the artist/designer decides how they’ll like it using graphical effects like text, saturation, contrast, etc.

Anyways, there are some things you can imrpove with it, you can try using the cutscene mode: Shift + P to add more cinematic views on it for example:

As you can see, I can zoom much closer in, and get an offset to provide a more cinematic view and allowing the person to recieve more info.

When creating a Logo/Thumbnail, you have to consider about the design/consistensy/info, and much more.

You should make your text more consistent by staying with one color, you should also make it more interesting, add some different sizes, dropshadow effects, glow, anything to make it pop out.

You also want to give the player more info about the game, you can still include yourself and the vehicle but getting a side shot of the city behind would be a good idea as well.

You should also exaggerate the tone to give the player a feel of what the game is like, from the text, I can presume it may be a somewhat spooky roleplay though there isnt enough info to go on, provide more exaggerations in the poses of the character, add more into the setting, etc.

Another thing, make sure you have padding on your text. Putting text too close to the edge can give it a cramped feel for example, the 3rd picture has the text super close to the edge, you can make it smaller or put it below the character.

Overall, nice job and keep developing :+1:


Looks okay for a normal game. I don’t really like the font.

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If you don’t know how to render, go in-game and use shift + p (on Mac for me) to go into perspective mode, then turn on your graphics to 10 and take a screenshot. I would also try a different font.

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I see that you don’t have your graphics set at maximum, I recommend you do this if you want to make gfx with in-game screenshots, the text is wayy to basic, add more detail to the text. I also recommend you render the scene in blender, photoshop, c4d and whatnot.

Heres a logo style that I like,


I am not a full time graphic artist but I do know how to use photoshop so I come up with Ideas now and then. Hope this has helped you. :slight_smile:


Looks alright, but I feel like for the logo you should just read this.

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Hey! Ever thought of using a render engine to improve your work?



It’s made in photoshop.


Thank you! I am trying to feel around for fonts and colors, but not sure.


You’re around the forum alot, aren’t you? Lol.
I didn’t know that was a cutscene mode? I just always got stuck in it and ended up rejoining >.< I will try padding and such.


I really wanted that type of design, but im just not that skilled :sob:


thank your for the reference, didn’t see it before.


I will look into that now, thank you for the idea. :slight_smile:

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They aren’t too bad. I would recommend using a different render for each one (if you’re using all of the graphics for your game) and also changing the font.

It seems nice, but here’s a few things;

  • I would consider using Blender for your avatar being used - maybe add this person waving, or doing something that refers to these jobs…

  • If these are all thumbnails that are going to be used in the same game, people don’t enjoy seeing the same avatar over and over again. Try to change it up a bit, from what it looks like you are just taking screenshots in-game and adding text, but you should use blender, and use avatars other than your own

  • Though the text may suit your game, I would consider a nicer, more smooth font that’s of a variety - maybe even a symbol of a fire truck for the fire truck RP - a symbol of a police man for the police car thumbnail… just add in those little design things like lighting, bordering, edits that make certain GFX shine.

  • I would just consider taking better pictures of your game - or using a different background altogether. These backgrounds may seem nice during gameplay, but GFX need a different level of “nice” than during regular gameplay - they are a snapshot of time in your game - not the experience itself.

If you don’t know how to use Blender or add on different backgrounds, I would just try looking it up on youtube - there’s tons of help for aspiring GFX artists.