Thoughts on my first animation

I finally made my first animation using Lua Learning and this is my first animation I made. Definitely will make more in the future.

How did you make it? Made my own animations. Don’t use other id’s, I got this from someone in the comments on youtube saying they only work if you own the animation.


For a first this is good! However,

  1. Make it a bit different styling from the ROBLOX animation as it look \s very similar to the ROBLOX animation.
  2. Don’t make the head looking around so sharp. It doesn’t look as smooth.

Hope my 2 cents (literally) helped you out!

Well it is not smooth as well and if your head look around then your head should come back at the first animation, Your animation look like my head when have lag.
Tip : Copy the animation at the start and past it at the end of the animation editor.
Hope this will help you.

i think he is talking abbout the head animation after he stop walking.

For a first animation, this is pretty good!

But it is extremely similar to the ROBLOX animations, so maybe you could kind of change it up a little and make it a bit more original.
A lot of people have said this already, but the turning of the head is extremely sharp.
Finally, try making it a bit less laggy.

Best of luck on future animating.

I only just made my first animation, I’m gonna edit this one. This animation was the easiest I can make because I don’t have any experience on them.

i made an emote button and a menu so there’s no so many keybinds in the way

and also improved the emote not looking so sharp

Now right where the head used to hit a corner and stop and turn back. It bounces back smoothly but not fully yet

If you’re serious about animating on ROBLOX I would strongly recommend: Jespone's guide to animations


i forgot how the head turns in r15 and not r6.

As I’ve been invoked by Askavix I’ll give you some feedback!
I hope this isn’t too much information in a single post lol.

What you can do to make it better is:

  • When the head goes back from looking at its right it goes too fast at the end, make sure it completely reaches the middle at the end keyframe so it’s more smooth transitioning to the idle, remember that at the end of all animations the character will instantly go to the idle really fast. I also recommend using the easing style “sine in” or “cubic in” at the end keyframe so it’s more natural.

That was like the basic, but it is never enough:
If you wanted to get fancy and add arcs and stuff related to the animation principles to spice up the animation, you could turn the head a bit down between looking at the side and going back to idle, an example with images:

1. Key pose: Head looking at the side.

2. Inbetween: Head turns a bit down while it returns but hasn’t fully returned (basically don’t turn the head back to the idle but don’t have it at the same spot, do a keyframe between them 2).


3. Key pose: It fully returns to the idle and the animation ends.


Good job now we have arcs when the head goes back :slight_smile: .
Hope this helped you

Greetings :wave:

From a critical analysis of your animation I’d like to give you some suggestions.
The lack of movement in the animation saddens me, you could easily fix this by using the following factors below.

When it comes to animation think of the following factors: Timing, Weight, Movement
Let’s say if you wish to replicate a certain movement try doing the exact same in real life, so you understand how your body will react, then you have something to base of.