Thoughts on Pricing this Farm?

I spent the afternoon, working on a low-poly farm. What do you guys think you’d value this at:
PS: It’s 160 x 100 studs
image image


I’d say about 500 or higher. Of course, i’m no expert on pricing so take what i’m saying with a grain of salt but it looks pretty detailed for low-poly and it just looks nice so there’s that.

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ca 750R$ thats for what i would sell it

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Id say 400 - 500 would be reasonable because some things are copy and pasted

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Good point!

I think this could be around 400 R$

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I’d say about 750 robux minimum. I definitely love the low poly style! :slight_smile:


For an afternoon of work, this is amazing. It appears to be just a prop though, so I’d agree with that 750 R$ price that’s been floating around. You may be able to bump it up by adding an inside to the farmhouse.

Great work!

Looks great, I’d price it around 650-700R$

Check out this post as to why most people just don’t buy maps or assets that aren’t in asset packs or made specifically for a game. Thus giving a price is meaningless.

Instead, I recommend this nice piece go into a portfolio where it will be useful :slight_smile:

Agreed. I think anything below 600 would be unreasonable.

i would say about 150 - 250, most of those assets are simplistic in design, and can be made with parts, with the exception of maybe the farm house

The map is very good. Sell it for about 750R$.

The crops could definetly be improved. The actual house looks very good though. Nice job

I’d say 800-1K since it’s pretty detailed for a low-poly build and everything just looks like it’s meant to be there, good job on this and hope you take my pricing into consideration!