Tips for building (Beginner)

Hello, so I’m practicing building, I wanted to learn a new skill so there’s not much to tell, my only help I need is tips on building, like what should I pay attention to, I build normal street builds and stuff, I can also receive tips on how to build like a store that u can enter etc etc (Mainly New York buildings or other as well)

If you got any building tips please reply down below with some good plugins that make builds look better in detail or whatever tips y’all can give me, I would really appreciate it if y’all can give me out some good building tips.

–(I’m also gonna make a topic about animating, also practicing on that.)

Plugins: Archimedes 2 and Building Tools by F3X


I will be gone right now, when I return I will surely try out the “Archimedes 2” plugin, thanks for the help.

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Here are some plugins I would recommend
Link 1:
Used for building since the studio tools can be hard to use
Link 2:
Used to make good looking circles
Link 3:
Used to make 3D text without having to struggle to build 3D text
Link 4:
Used to make good curves/ropes without having to mess around with a rope constraint (Note that the rope parts are different parts. If you want a working rope you will have to use a Rope Constraint)


When it comes to a beginner builder while practicing is the key, having reference images of the things your trying to create is good to optimize the important details, to add onto your build plugins wont add details it may help into creating things or helping to create objects more easier and quicker in a way.

There are a few threads that go into more depth about this; my personal recommendation would be finding something you enjoy making or something you have interest in. You always have to experiment with different things that you could work on, if you find things that work best for you continue to keep developing in that workflow.

Here is a excellent topic that goes into more depth whether your wanting to become a better builder or looking for beginner information.


I recommend using this plugin only problem is that it’s a bit outdated (2 years) but it still works.

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Thanks for the reply and the tips, I’m currently doing good on building, putting enough time to make a detailed building.

And yes, I do enjoy building the things I’m interested in building to, thanks for all the help.

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First off here are some plugins
Plugins: Archimedes 2 and Building Tools by F3X. They can also be found in me inventory. Another thing is if ever building like a path or hallway, most scenarios NEVER use completely flat walls. An addition to that would be don’t let stuff collide and always go and test yourself, never lack detail.