Tips on getting better at R15 animation

Right now, my animations look choppy and very unrealistic. I’m looking around at the new ROBLOX animations, and I’m wondering how they are made so realistic! For example, the twirl animation is so detailed and physically realistic. Are there any techniques that I can use to make mine more realistic?


I’d suggest doing it in real life. This helped me alot when I started animating since I would follow how a real human would move. Keyframes are a big part of making an animation smoother, I tend to use quad since its a more smooth feel.

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Here’s a great article about animations (it starts from the very beginner level and makes its way up to advanced).

As for the “choppy-ness” I believe easing the animations may solve your problem. Here are videos before/after easing (from the article).

To configure Easing Options, select a key frame that you would like to ease and right click on it. Press “Easing Options” and select your desired style and direction. Enable looping so you can quickly compare results.

I hope that solved the issue. If not, the article covers everything there is to know about the animation editor. Animating can be a pain. Remember to be patient and try out new ideas.
Good luck animating!

Edit: What @SirrVenom suggested is also very useful. “Break” down your animation into piece-by-piece sections in real life and then try to work it out from there.


If you are looking to get better I will recommend you my article

The secret for a good animation is actually applying and dominating the 12 principles, timing and space. And mostly, practice a lot.
When I started I knew the existence of the 12 principles but didn’t even bother in practicing them, now I’m practicing them way more and my animation is improving a lot.

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