Tips/Resources for mapmaking and terrain

Hi, i’ve been on roblox studio for a little over half a year. I mainly script and rarely build anything on roblox studio. Recently i wanted to make my first actual game. However, I realized that i need to be able to make maps(Terrain mostly) to actually get the game going.
Here i want to ask everyone who’s reading for any tips or resources that could possibly help me out while learning how to make maps.
Thanks for reading


Always plan ahead of building things, One of the things i normally do is plan a games content for an hour or so.

Plan ahead mostly. Also, using plugins can help a LOT.

Hello @lightningstrike30451!

I recommend looking at community tutorials some people do good ones, find that here.

  • Watch tutorials on youtube by other developers, I suggest people such as; cafune7 they have series for beginners and they stream too sometimes for you to tune in and have look.
  • Good plugin for new developers is F3X
  • Try using the developer hub, it clearly explains things for your development if you ever get stuck! I highly recommend it.
  • Use devforum help and feedback area if you ever get stuck or want feedback on your work from other developers.

Alright guys, thank you all who have replyed!

You should do a quick search around the forum. There are a bunch of threads, including information and tips that will help you map making and terrain designing. A simple search will provide you with many results, I encourage you to take the opportunity to draw and sketch your layout and designs out in a program.

It comes down to learning and practicing there are methods if you’re wanting to create large terrain scenes with well made maps. Hills, mountains” it’s always good to use images to help you get an idea on what type of terrain to replicate or create in general, use landscapes as a guide and learn how to create them using smooth terrain.

Viewing resources and gathering information to take along the process will help you improve your skills. Refer resource;