To-do list window like Visual Studio

I already put TODO in my code to use with find the find tool for later. A separate window will definitely help if I forget what scripts have them.

I would love this

I would love to have this. I always write todo’s in my code but i often forget that i placed them.

I’m down for this idea but… noone else here uses post-its?

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It’s useful if you have a long-running project :stuck_out_tongue:

You could do both, if more people voted for this trello card.


Oh man, I bet that’d be a ton of fun to rig up with Qt. :stuck_out_tongue:

10/10 would use

I have a stickynote for this on my desktop that is covering up my waifu wallpaper

this would be very handy as I would like to see my waifu entirely thx

This would help so much since my other monitor broke

Please do it!

I only think it would be useful for me if it was capable of detecting TODO comments in the source. Otherwise, I would just use Trello.
Nevermind. Reading the OP properly this time, it is a great idea.

Someone could probably make a dope plugin

The downside to a plugin is you can’t view it while you’re editing the script since plugins can’t create extra panes. We could do that and create super amazing plugins though…

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I use TODO all the time in Studio! I just Ctr+Shiftl+F: “TODO” and search the list.

See, that definitely works… but the problem is reminding myself to actually do it! Maybe it doesn’t warrant such an addition to Studio, but it wouldn’t hurt!

You worked on the search feature did you not? How about allowing plugins to perform a search that the user can see?

With this the plugin could easily be made.

When I was developing a plugin recently (camera waypoint plugin), I left some TODO statements in there that I forgot about until just now. It would have been helpful to have been reminded of them sooner e.g. somewhere in studio it said 10 TODO objectives or something. Not sure if this would provide a similar effect or not.

Plugins can’t display anything in the script editor window. You could just use script.Source. It doesn’t update while the script editor is open, but neither could a plugin since it can only do stuff inside the render window. Either way, this needs to be something that is visible in the script editor – plugins aren’t cut out for it yet.

Yeah, this is why I like Anaminus’s idea of allowing plugins to interface with the windowing system. Sure, there could be some trust issues, but plugins can already wreck your place if you’re not careful. Installing plugins just requires extra discretion.

Perhaps it could be a flag on the plugin asset while installing, warning the user that it can modify how Studio looks and to make sure they trust the originator. But that’s asking for web dev work. :wink:

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The idea is on the Trello board, so I wouldn’t imagine security is the reason it hasn’t been implemented yet (I assume the primary reason is that it’s a XXL update which will require a lot of time and resources). The most they’d be able to do is cover up the viewport/other panes or crash studio anyway, and neither of those seem like issues. You can already steal their viewport by continually reparenting a {1,0,1,0} button to the CoreGui (covering the other panes as well doesn’t make that big of a difference since the user can still exit studio), and crashing studio can already be done with a while true do loop.

The TODO list idea was added to the Trello board as well:

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