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ToadRBX Portfolio


About Me

Hey, i’m ToadRBX. I’m a miscellaneous developer who works in most areas including: building, programming, graphics and rendering logos. My main role is the owner / developer of Disneyland Robloxia (Roblox’s largest themepark by group size).


My main work is the programming, 3D mesh logos and some of the building at Disneyland Robloxia. You’re also able to find my work at the entrance to Roblox Point 2 (the new Roblox Point) which includes the logo (made by me), buildings and features such as the fountain (both built and scripted by me).

However, here are some extra screenshots of my work:

3D Meshes (Mainly logos):
  • All of my mesh logos can be resized, recoloured and use Roblox textures. (Unless they have a specific colour / texture)
  • You’re able to send me a transparent logo and i can make it from that.

Logos (no texture, retexturable):



Logos (with textures):





  • I’m not the best builder, but can do small projects.

Working Ice Rink:
Saw (Bathroom) remake:
Spooky Underground Tunnel:
Roblox Point 2:

  • New Entrance
  • New area logos (Jurassic Blox / Roblox Point)
  • Fountains and entrance buildings

  • I’m unable to give much information about my programming, but I’m able to do most things as long as the price is right. Contact me with what you need and i’ll see what i can do.

Things i do have included:

  • Rollercoaster / Ride systems
  • Food / Drinks and other roleplay items
  • mostly anything else, just ask.
  • completely automated check-in / check-out system with automatic key handling
  • automated fastpass system, pay for a day, week, month or year and be able to upgrade at any point

Sliding GUI Board:


I’m often available. Just message me and i’ll give you a time. I’m usually on for a few hours a day, after college.

Current work:

I’m currently working for StarMarine614’s Roblox Point theme park.


Prices are negotiable. However, I will not do work for anything below 5 USD (PayPal) due to converting it to GBP. Prices can all be converted to robux but you must also pay the Roblox fee.


You can contact me here on the Developer Forum or you can contact me through my social media accounts:

Thanks for reading!


Shoutout to @KxraDraws for the profile art!


Work updated 12th January 2019 to include ongoing Roblox Point (2) work.

Looking for small-time jobs and mesh logo commissions (Up to 3 USD each) or quick easy builds.


Work updated 26th January 2019 to include ongoing Roblox Point (2) work. Including the brand new entrance built by me, all the new Logos by me and some basic programming around the park such as DevProduct water guns, fireworks and fastpass.

Still looking to be hired for small and easy jobs. If it’s gonna take a few hours, I don’t mind helping. DM me on Discord: @Toad#7429