Too hard to use user ads to gain popularity and activity

As a Roblox developer, it is currently too hard to use user ads to gain popularity and activity within groups, asset, or experience. Within the Roblox app and Mobile app, user ads are completely eliminated. Therefore, it is impossible to gain a mobile, Xbox, or PC (if using the Roblox app) player base through user ads. Furthermore, some players use ad blockers which completely block out user ads. Compared to sponsorships, sponsorships provide much more specific criteria and data. Since sponsorships appear on the Discover page, where the user is most likely looking for an experience to play, the click to play ratio for the sponsorship is much higher than using a user ad to advertise an experience. Therefore, there is no point in spending robux to advertise an experience when you can sponsor it.

If Roblox is able to address this issue, it would improve my development experience because it would remove:

  • Spending a crazy high amount of robux on user ads (even that is not 100% guaranteed to gain your experience, group, or asset popularity/activity)
  • Seeing the same ads over-and-over again. People who spend a lot of robux in ads–their ads flood the platform and are almost always visible. It is nearly impossible for low-spending user ads to allow the experience, asset, or group to gain the traction needed for popularity and activity.

Then don’t use them…?

Your complaints seem to be:

  • They’re too expensive for “low-spending” users (which means they’re very popular)
  • They don’t advertise to xbox/mobile

They’re a great tool to advertise to PC users. Your complaints seem to be more personal, so I’m guessing you ran ads and didn’t get the results you wanted. Ads work - you just need to figure out the right strategy for you.


Hey @Machinezy, thank you for the feedback! Going to retitle this topic slightly (previous title: “User ads should be removed from the platform”). When posting feature requests, please try to focus on reporting issues opposed to only what you think the best solution would be. You can review the feature request template here that you should follow to make sure we can easily understand and prioritize your issues: How to post a Feature Request

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With the new updates on the Roblox ad placement, users < 13 see ads anyway. This is about half the Roblox community, which is another problem with ads. However, this is understandable, since Roblox wants to protect people from scam and misleading advertisements.

However, for every setback, there is always a workaround solution.