Too many bugs to put in one title

Ever since the DevForum outage, there have been so visual that have been appearing. I found some when I logged in this morning so I’ll report them.

I will be using imgur links to display embedded images given that there is bug that prevents us from uploading images.

Note that I’m using the Roblox Dark Theme for all of these bugs.

For one thing, this font has changed in this area.


(Sorry for the huge image. I can’t control how large an imgur image is).

Another thing is that SEVERAL profile pictures won’t load, including mine.


(And that’s only a few of profile pictures that won’t load. There are MUCH more).

Another thing is that when you use the mention feature on a person, it will appear as a different font.

Look below:

If you can’t reproduce that bug, here’s an image of what I can see:

And another thing is this…?


Please fix this. Its quite annoying to see.

But I recommend you prioritize this Forum Bug Report first because that bug removes the ability to upload any type of image, file, or video.

Browser Details:
Google Chrome Version 101.0.4951.72 (Official Build) (64-bit)

As mentioned above, I’m using the Roblox Dark Theme for all of these bugs.

And yes, I tried clearing my cache and that did not solve it.


Cannot reproduce, I would link an image, but I obviously can’t.

Cannot confirm either

Image bug is the only one I can reproduce


All these errors seem to be related to an authentication issue causing 403 errors.

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Upload and image to imgur and paste the link here. It will use an embedded image.

I have no idea whether I need an account though lol

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I dont think the fonts and the last one have anything to do with them though.

Just a CDN issue. Unlikely to have anything to do with (Roblox) authentication. Will probably get resolved soon.

Related: [URGENT] Uploads now return 403 due to the blocking of the cloudfront site


devforum needs some help - Album on Imgur

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What about the changed fonts the last bug? Do they have to do with the Upload bug as well?

Non-default fonts are served via the CDN.


Then what about this?

Simply the alt text for when your profile image does not load.

alt="profile, messages, bookmarks and preferences"

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Don’t know, CSS can also be served via the CDN. Just seems like a blanket issue with serving content.


I have the bug too

IDK if you guys can see the image

looks like css is failing on me now

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Css is failing on me, I have minimal access, I am forced to be in dark mode too. I can’t see what I am doing, I am getting “502 ERRORS” and “This site is under stress” errors too.

I can hardly view anything, I can’t upload images either, gyazo response:

Could this be a possible DDoS or would it still be another issue


this is a DDOS attack and im sure of it first the website goes down a little bit, 2nd phase the websites a little messed up, 3rd phase completely messed up and 4th phase, GONE but I don’t think that’s gonna happen

“This site is under extreme stress” - Could also be in support of that suggestion, it also looks like something is going on with cloudfare.

“Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 403 ()”

I cant even see the DevForum right now, it’s just all me and muscle memory lol

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I cant even edit my post so here’s an image