Too many bugs to put in one title

Cannot reproduce, I would link an image, but I obviously can’t.

Cannot confirm either

Image bug is the only one I can reproduce


All these errors seem to be related to an authentication issue causing 403 errors.

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Upload and image to imgur and paste the link here. It will use an embedded image.

I have no idea whether I need an account though lol

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I dont think the fonts and the last one have anything to do with them though.

Just a CDN issue. Unlikely to have anything to do with (Roblox) authentication. Will probably get resolved soon.

Related: [URGENT] Uploads now return 403 due to the blocking of the cloudfront site


devforum needs some help - Album on Imgur

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What about the changed fonts the last bug? Do they have to do with the Upload bug as well?

Non-default fonts are served via the CDN.


Then what about this?

Simply the alt text for when your profile image does not load.

alt="profile, messages, bookmarks and preferences"

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Don’t know, CSS can also be served via the CDN. Just seems like a blanket issue with serving content.


I have the bug too

IDK if you guys can see the image

looks like css is failing on me now

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Css is failing on me, I have minimal access, I am forced to be in dark mode too. I can’t see what I am doing, I am getting “502 ERRORS” and “This site is under stress” errors too.

I can hardly view anything, I can’t upload images either, gyazo response:

Could this be a possible DDoS or would it still be another issue


this is a DDOS attack and im sure of it first the website goes down a little bit, 2nd phase the websites a little messed up, 3rd phase completely messed up and 4th phase, GONE but I don’t think that’s gonna happen

“This site is under extreme stress” - Could also be in support of that suggestion, it also looks like something is going on with cloudfare.

“Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 403 ()”

I cant even see the DevForum right now, it’s just all me and muscle memory lol

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I cant even edit my post so here’s an image

It’s not cloudflare

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