Tool doesn't get animated in Moon Animator

Hello everyone, I recently made this animation for a tool I’ve made:

The only issue is that after scripting the whole thing I get to this point:

As you can see the animation works but the only issue is that the tool doesn’t move at all. I’ve tried making an animation only for the tool but still doesn’t work. These are the first times using this plugin and I’m surely doing something wrong. Can anyone help?

Note: there’s a weld script inside the tool (tried removing but it’s still not working), Handle has anchored enabled.

Is there any Motor6D that connects the handle to the arm?

No, there isn’t any Motor6D that connects the arm to the handle

And that is why it doesn’t animate.

Any idea on how to set it? Tried watching videos on youtube but still can’t figure it out

Try this one How to animate Tool Parts (Guns, Knifes etc.)