Tool in an animation not moving

I am trying to make a digging animation for a segment of my game. I used Moon Animator for the animation and in Moon Animator it looks perfect. When I play the animation in-game though, it changes.

The tool in the animation is not moving even though it should be, instead, it falls to the ground.

The tool isn’t an actual tool, it’s an object. It’s a union.

In Moon Animator:

In Game:
Screen Shot 2021-12-04 at 8.05.18 PM

(I don’t know how to take videos)

Instead of CFraming the shovel
You need to make a Motor6D so you can play it alongside with the Dummy
I pretty sure CFrames are mainly for video animations or something

I don’t understand. How would I animate the shovel without moving it’s CFrame?

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I did this on the npc and it worked. Now that I put the animation on the player, it doesn’t work.

The shovel appears in my head.

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I don’t see anything wrong here… Just make sure the dummy’s ToolMotor6D matches the player’s ToolMotor6D

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local char = player.Character
game.ReplicatedStorage.EquippedTool.OnServerEvent:Connect(function(player, location)

		local M6D ="Motor6D", char.Torso)
		M6D.Name = "ToolMotor6D"
	M6D.Parent = char.Torso
	local char = player.Character
	M6D.Part0 = char.Torso
	M6D.Part1 = location

By the way, it shows in my torso now.

Could you make an accessory then add it to the player using Humanoid:Addaccessory? Humanoid:AddAccessory

Okay, I will see if that works.

Hmm, it did not seem to work. I’ll try to fix this.

Please note: with the accessory method you DO need to make sure that you have a attachment point. If there isn’t it will fall to the ground. But if there is, it will move with the player, and move whenever the body part that you have it connect to (like if you attached to the hand, it would move with the hand).

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