Tool is not in player's hands when equipping it


As the title says my problem is that the tool wont be getting held in the player’s hand. When player is equipping tool, its becoming not “anchored”. What do I do to fix that?
How it looks:


I think you need to add attachments. Here take a look at this vid How to Use the "Tool Grip Editor" Plugin in Roblox Studio! - YouTube

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How does that fix this, dude…

lol u need to weld the parts. And did u follow what the vid said?

yes i did probably, no welds even in any part and all parts has no collision prob

You need to weld the parts so they stay to gather

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Like I need to just insert welds in all these parts?

take a look Welder - a simple plugin about constraints


It worked with this plugin, thank you!

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