Tool looks kinda broken (Animation)

I was trying to make one pistol just for test but first I started with animations just for see how looks like (Realoading, Idle, Shooting) but it works but the handle looks broken (I used the plug too)

On animation looks fine:

But on the player looks broken: 5b6e7434fdd7a7ef8c0e971f437e472b

How did I build it: b17f52d46bf856bae0a0738cde9d6338

local Pistol = script.Parent

local ShootAnim = Pistol.Handle:WaitForChild("ShootAnimation")
local ShootAnimTrack
local IdleAnim = Pistol.Handle:WaitForChild("Idle")
local IdleAnimTrack

	local humanoid = script.Parent.Parent:FindFirstChild("Humanoid")
	ShootAnimTrack = humanoid:LoadAnimation(ShootAnim)

	local humanoid2 = script.Parent.Parent:FindFirstChild("Humanoid")
	IdleAnimTrack = humanoid2:LoadAnimation(IdleAnim)

I dont have any idea about what is wrong.

This is because in the animation, your animating the gun but in the player its only loading the animation to the character, so the gun wont move it will only play the animation from the point the handle is it

So what I can do for change that?

just reposition the arm in the anim or the handle in the tool

yes but wheres other way? I saw this : How to animate Tool Parts (Guns, Knifes etc.)

Maybe this could be better?

use motor6ds and animate it, though it has been having some problems lately i honestly dont think that repositioning it is the solution

I am using motor6ds (when I was making the animation)

are you creating a motor for the character to animate the weapon though?

I mean I used the motor6ds only for this.

then you are doing it wrong, you are supposed to recreate the motor exactly how it is on the animation dummy or whatever you are using to test the animations on.

So like I have to clone one motor6ds into the character when the player join?

you can either:
Recreate the motor everytime the character joins.

make an invisible handle with a motor6d that becomes visible when the tool is equipped
(this is kinda hard to explain to someone who’s completely new to motor6ds so.)

I can make what the other guy said before.

“just reposition the arm in the anim or the handle in the tool”

its your choice, if you wanna animate the weapon further on you will have to use motor6ds

he wants the weapon to animate, not to just weld

So like I have to clone one motor6ds into the player character when he joins and change the motor6ds part0 and part1 to the BodyAttach?


do it on the server not on the client, only play the animation the weapon on the client.


alr so I use one script on ServerScriptService?

Yes It works. I used one local script inside the tool for play the animations and stuff like that.
and I used one script inside the ServerScriptService for clone and destroy motor6ds when the players join