Toolbars & Panels Disappearing Every time I Load Studio

For over a month, every time I open studio, All the toolbars and panels are hidden and I have to open them all manually by going View, ticking the right one and repeating lots until they are all open. This is very annoying & time-consuming. It never use to do this, all of the toolbars and panels which just open by default. I am using SystemMenu UI on a Windows 10 PC.

I think this may have started when the new home screen came but can’t remember.


Hey @centraltrains I’d like to remind you officially don’t support the SystemMenu anymore. See this thread for more information:

You can fix this by going here under File > Settings > Studio

If you are still experiencing this issue after reloading Studio with the RibbonBar, let me know.

The main problem with that is I can not insert any parts/objects from ribbon bar. I can not find the “Basic Objects” inserter pannel at all.
[not to mention slowing down the switching between tools ;-( ]

There are 2 different ways you can add parts from the Ribbon Bar.

Home > Insert


Model > Parts

The arrow underneath “Part” allows you to switch the basic object in which you are inserting. If you wish to insert more advanced objects/insert a model you can find that on the Model tab. Also, go to View and you can find different windows that will add additional functionality.

To switch between tools more efficiently you can either be on the Model tab or you can do the hotkeys which are Ctrl + 1, Ctrl + 2, Ctrl + 3, and Ctrl + 4

Objects like ScreenGuis though?

Same as in SystemMenu, though renamed from Basic Objects to Advanced Objects:

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