Toolblox - The only safe toolbox

It would not be mobile-friendly, and it doesn’t match my design; however, I will try to find a better way to display the asset prices; thanks for your feedback!


This is amazing! Thank you for this! <3


Your right; like I said, it’s gonna take a while to get other assets. For example, if someone has composed some really music, they can upload it to the regular toolbox and they can submit a form to ask us to put it on the Toolblox website.

Nah, it’s not necessary; it does not suppose to block the source code; it’s just a fun easter egg that I made that will appear to users who are curious enough to open inspect element.

I will once I make one.

This is absolute amazing, thank you for making this, also it looks very cool!

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I think this is great, helps me find things without viruses faster!

Slight problem with the form though; you know that most people wouldn’t make a DevForum post for every asset they upload, right? So I can’t submit a small, (possibly) quality asset because it doesn’t have a DevForum post. :confused:

Edit: I also noticed you asked if it’s made by Roblox Staff. Suppose I wanted a Roblox Staff asset added, it doesn’t have a DevForum post about it.


Just leave it blank; I did that to reduce the number of assets gets in since it takes longer to review something that isn’t documented and without any people who used an asset.

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Perfect website. This is why I appreciate people doing good things for the community itself. Thanks so much, now I can find properly made plugins unlike the roblox library which is full of viruses.


Would you consider making this a Roblox plugin (or forking the default toolbox) for convenience?

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I can’t say for sure, maybe; because I can’t redirect you to the plugin website so you can install it. Also, this works on mobile too while the plugin wouldn’t.


  • Can redirect you to the asset page
  • Can be viewed and used on mobile
  • I can do some things that plugins are limited to


  • Can be viewed and used in the studio

I might add it; It certainly is not a bad idea, and I thought about it too.

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The best feature I’ve ever seen on websites! :joy:


Yup, I added it because it’s something unique and hilarious to see :joy:; I am thinking about expending the easter eggs and add more stuff into them to make them more interesting, as small things can make the website cooler :wink:.


Hey, are you able to add GameGuard to the site?

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Maybe; please submit assets through our Google form:

This is something I can vibe to. Amazing idea. Especially because I myself, have fallen for a malicious plugin before, and since I was young, I was honestly a bit dumb, so I didn’t think about just deleting the plugin. I recently tried it, around November, and now I’m fine! Thank you for making such a useful & safe website! :+1:
I’ll definitely be using this alot!

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Very cool! As a new developer, I plan to be using a few free models to help me, and this is a very useful tool. The website is clean too, which is a nice touch.


UI Update

In this UI update, I made couple changes and fixes to the UI design; now you can see more assets on the screen and I changed the URL for the “contact us” thingy. Soon site icon will come.


Thanks for the support :wink:.


Hey, this sounds like a great initiative! But is it possible to request models/plugins that aren’t mine? If the models are opensource?

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It seems like it is possible, you can access the Google form and check.

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May I ask, if the devforum post about it has lesser than requirements needed, can we still use it as an answer? And we are allowed to try applying for module scripts right?

Edit: Can we also have a link that connects to a devforum post on how to use it? Would tHat be allowed?