Toolbox error after trying to copy image ID

When trying to copy the Image ID from out of the toolbox a error appears.

This plugin cannot create more than one PluginAction with id: "CopyIdToClipboard"

The bug happens all time, I have restarted studio a few times and still happens. Also my friends are having the same error.

This bug started to happen with the update that changed in the toolbox the name Decals to Images.

The steps you have to do is simple, right mouse click on a Image and already display the error.

Here is a example of what happens togheter with the error that appears:



I am also experiencing this; looks like the toolbox was updated as it now says “Group Images” instead of “Group Decals”!

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I am also experiencing this issue:

I’ve never seen that I would try restarting the studio

Or using the id instead. and saving it as your own

Yes, i hope this bug gets fast resolved because for UI designers it’s not handy. Because now you need to put the decal on a part in order to take the id, instead of right clicking to get the id what’s now broken.
(Note. Might has been fixed, i haven’t used roblox recently.)

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Try restarting studio or reinstalling it.

It’s a known issue, more people are having this issue. So reinstalling or restarting won’t fix it. Tested on my other computer also.

Roblox has released a patch, the bug is fixed:


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