Toolbox is displaying old models

The roblox studio toolbox is broken again…
It keeps showing old models and I dont know what the hell is going on.
Am I the only person experiencing this?
If so how do I fix it?


This is likely a Roblox issue to do with how they display models, I’m experiencing the same problem when using toolbox and searching for any model.

Hopefully this gets fixed soon, if you have the time and extra information you could make a post in the Bug Reports category


Hey @AMissingKid @jamie_ap, thanks for letting us know about this! Our team just rolled out a fix, can you restart Studio and let us know if the issue is fixed for you?


Searching for models is back to normal, no issues at all for now.

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It appears that the toolbox does not search for models that are not on the first page anymore.

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I’m finding that when I try to search a second term in my Inventory tab the search breaks and doesn’t display any items. Even if I x out of that search term so the search bar is empty it won’t show anything at all.
It’s been happening for a while, but because I don’t usually search the toolbox I don’t worry about it. When it does happen I’m stuck with going to the Roblox site and searching in my models there.


Try r.einstalling the program. Helped me before

I’ve reinstalled Studio many times in the last few months trying to see if this and other problems are on my end.
Sadly, the my creations tab still breaks after I try a couple searches.

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