Tools and Animations

I’ve noticed some tools (roblox classic sword etc) don’t use a localscript and handle everything with a script including animations

not using a localscript would definitely be easier as you don’t have to use any remotes, is it bad practice to do this?

Classic Sword: ClassicSword.rbxm (8.1 KB)

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I’m pretty sure if you play an animation on a LocalScript it gets replicated to everybody else so I don’t see why you’d be doing it on the server.

because I would have to use remote events to start attacks

local tool activation > local play animation > fire server > start attack

compared to

tool activation > play animation > start attack

it just removes a step, but I’m not sure if it will have performance issues or not

As an animator personally, I’ve always handled animations locally because it works better in my case, I rarely come across scenarios where I did have to do it via the server; just like as you said, it’d just make your job easier and skip one step. It’s entirely up to you.

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