Topbar does not extend all the way

This issue is low impact, but if you look you can see a pixel or 2 of stuff above the topbar:

I dont really know what else to put here, besides I’m not using a custom theme on this PC. I was also able to see it on my custom topbar.

Would you mind clearing your cache and checking again? You likely need to re-login.

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After clearing I can still see it

Do you still see the issue from the screenshot on the right-hand side? Where your headshot image should be.
Screen Shot 2022-07-07 at 1.41.54 PM

Do you know if you see the other spacing issue on every page, or is it just direct messages? It looks like you’re using Roblox Dark but I’m not able to replicate.

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The pfp was just me deleting it in inspect.

I’m using Roblox dark, and once again my forum is conveniently offline now that I want ot see if I can reproduce something

I am also seeing it on all pages

I still can’t seem to replicate, but I’ll open a ticket internally! Would you mind DMing me what browser you use, and if you can a list of what browser plugins you have enabled?

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Sent the DM

Fixed The bar at the top of the Forum page seem to have a gap between the bar and the top of the web page (I think this is very likely a CSS issue) - #7 by LuaCow