Törst Café Updates



Hi guys. These are the updates as of 7/8/18.

Image of café

Dining Area

Clothing store (from Mother_Hen’s group)

A weird soccer game on Game Island

A trivia game on Game Island

The Barista tablets have a log in system


Dance room!

In addition;

  • The admin system was made by me, and I only made necessary commands
  • Promotions for LRs and MRs will be automatic
  • The give system is now a command instead of a gui
  • No free models, not even the donate board (which I am very happy about)

I think that’s about all right now.

Updates 7/10/18

I haven’t added anything major to the café, however there are some things to report.

  • LR Training was created, and it’s set up like a tutorial so you don’t need a trainer to do it, you can go any time.
  • MR Training was also created and set up like a tutorial.

I am also changing the way promotions will work.

  • LR Promotions will be based on the “Points” that you have, and that you see on the leaderboards. These points are awarded from serving customers at the counter.
  • MR Promotions are based on “Employee Points”, which are awarded by HRs to employees that are seen working hard. You can view these points by clicking on “INFO” on the café gui (when the café is released).

Updates 7/12/18

  • Redid admin, it’s a lot better now. Plus now you can do multiple people (:bring thisguy,thatguy)
  • Added Carl. He’s fun.
  • Jumbo cups now have animations. Couldn’t make a good one for R6 though so it’s kind of odd.
  • Added effects room

Updates 7/15/18

  • Nothing really special but I’ve added some particle effects to the effects room

here are some examples

Updates 7/25/18
(sorry for not updating in a while)


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