Touch to Load Character

I want when a player touched a part then it will load the player character (NPC) on the specific location with a player name on TextLabel.

The man character is the place that the player character (NPC) load in.

Are there any ways to do that? I am new to scripting so yeah.


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@OfficialRolly Hello there,

Indeed there are many ways you may do this. If I understand correctly you are wanting someone to touch a part then on platform 1 their names goes on No One and their avatar goes on the dummies above. Also, I suggest this goes in recruitment since your asking them to write an entire script for this which states here you shouldn’t do. Go to here to go and hire someone to do this task as it may require a lot of back and forth feedback!

The probably easiest way to morph characters is the HumanoidDescription system.
A HumanoidDescription “describes” the appearance of a character. It should’ve probably be called AppearanceDescription instead, but it’s whatever.

You can get the description from a character (who touched the podium) using
and you can apply it to the NPC using

You can easily chain these together, resulting in


I read your other posts you said you were a new scripter just some advice dont make a game now that is a big no no when first learning how to script and you can always rely and other people you have to do things yourself I Hope this helped