Touched event not working

so what do i do instead of that?

You just need to have the touched code and the debounce code if this is a bullet, nothing else. The bullet should only detect if something was a shield or not.

If you need to get the player, just use GetPlayerFromCharacter, a method of the players service, on the Parent of hit and do stuff with that

what about for this part

	if hit.Name == "Shield" then
		player.BulletHit.Value -= 1

it’s a value in the player

You use GetPlayerFromCharacter as I mentioned to get the player via hit.Parent, it may return nil if there was no player with that character, so use an if statement to check if what was hit was a character and if not, do nothing.

The article should hae an example of the use of it

Another way you could achieve this is by creating a bool value that detects if the shield is equipped, and if it is, then the player would take no damage(modify the damage script in the gun).

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I had this response literally above, feels bad he didn’t see it

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LMAO feels bad… Great minds think alike, though.

That function does not return a player and just waits for a player to join, also it only works once.
You’ll need to connect a PlayerAdded function to get your player.

how do i prevent it from taking damage is my question

On your hit code do

if hit.Parent:FindFirstChild("ShieldActive").Value then

Yeah, make humanoid.MaxHealth and humanoid.Health equal to math.huge().

:Wait on RbxScriptSignals waits for something, and then returns it. So in this case, once a player joins, it returns that player.

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I mean this is a pretty old thread, but yeah I’ve learned about that.

But I would be connecting a PlayerAdded event instead of calling Wait.