Touched Hitboxes Dilemma

I would like to use Touched as my hitboxes, but I have seen lots of grim topics about how laggy, and bugs there is with the Touched event, I don’t want to use other hitboxes like raycasts etc, because I want to keep the Touched style however i’m stuck between a rock and a hard place with some of the inconsistencies. Any solutions?


Touched is a bad idea, the hit detection is awful. So most devs use ClientCast for melee combat, and FastCast for ranged combat, both being popular libraries, I will encourage you to use it.


Depends. What are you using .Touched for?

“Hitboxes” probably refers to melee and ranged combat like @Mystxry12 said.

It’s for the style of the hitbox/combat.

As ProPlayer said, maybe look into this module. From my standpoint, it looks easy to use, reliable and optimized.

If you cannot figure this out, maybe just stick with .Touched for a while until someone else of higher intelligence with scripting than me comes around to say I’m wrong, lol.

That is raycasts, I’ve used magnitudes and region3’s in my other projects but it is not the style I am looking for…

Just wanted to add, I found FastCast: Redux in the free models by Xan_TheDragon.